Our Vision

North West Bicester presents an opportunity to create a community based upon sustainable and healthy lifestyles, a place that is connected with its neighbours and surrounding landscape that encourages a reduced carbon footprint.

Our core placemaking principles, adapted from the SPD, are as follows:

A high-quality development

Integrating well with the existing town

Providing homes, jobs, and local services in an attractive landscape setting

Conserving and enhancing heritage assets including historic landscape features

Benefitting from proximity to a range of amenities within the immediate area such as a primary school, play areas and workspace

Increasing biodiversity and addressing the impact of climate change


The Site forms part of the strategic allocation within Policy Bicester 1 of the adopted Cherwell District Council Local Plan with an accompanying framework plan and Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

With existing development phases of North West Bicester already completed or under construction, the outline planning application submitted to Cherwell District Council is based on delivering a new neighbourhood based upon sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

Firethorn Developments Limited are bringing forward the proposals on behalf of Firethorn Trust, who invest, develop, and deliver development and commercial solutions for clients across the country.

They are supported on the Bicester project by a leading team of professional consultants including master planners, planning consultants, landscape design, ecologists, and transport consultants.


Our proposals are guided by the established principles of sustainable zero carbon development, informed by the design and place making principles of the adopted SPD and original site wide masterplan. These include the following:

40% green space – to provide a network of multifunctional green infrastructure that supports a range of informal and formal activities including natural play areas for younger children and ecological rich meadow areas

Up to 530 homes including, subject to viability, up to 30% affordable housing provision to ensure a wide range of house types and sizes to meet a variety of needs

Highly attractive landscaping and biodiversity measures to help tackle the impact of climate change, including proposals which focus on retaining and enhancing the existing landscape features with buffers, including tees and hedgerows

Promoting pedestrian and cycle connectivity to adjacent new neighbourhoods in a low traffic speed proposed development



North West Bicester is based on the principles of a sustainable zero carbon development designed to meet the effects of future climate change. Site wide environmental protection and enhancement solutions include habitat creation, planting and a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS)


The vision incorporates local walking and cycling routes, encouraging people to support shops and services by buying local. The site is sustainably located within Bicester with good access to public transport and an excellent network of public rights of ways.

High quality build

The high quality of the built and natural environments will positively impact on the health and wellbeing of the communities. This redevelopment will provide a range of high-quality landscapes to promote health and well-being.

Indicative Project Timescales


May / June 2021

• Further communication and meetings with Cherwell District Council Planning Officers
• Statutory consultation by Cherwell District Council on Outline Planning Application


July-September 2021

• Ongoing communication with Cherwell District Council Planning Officers
• Ongoing communication with Stakeholders


October-November 2021

• Anticipated decision on Outline Planning Application

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